Blue-green cutting materialBlue cutting material

These are veins and leaves of Azurite and Malachite. For the lapidary artist that wants natural stones to work with, along with all their natural color variations, inclusions, etc. This material is available in different grades.

Our Azurite and Malachite stones are sent to Colbaugh Processing to compress and stabilize.
We have over the years tried different stabilizers and we found that Colbaugh has the best and most consistent quality.

This material is used to cut various products cabs, tile, eggs, spheres, knife handles etc. since most are stones naturally are to small for this and have imperfections.We have found that this material works well for anyone that wants multiple stones that look similar with a much lower cost than purely natural stones. This process also can have bronze added to it for a special and different look. It cuts and polishes well. This material is compromised of smaller azurite and malachite stones which are held together with some kind resin or epoxy that is vacuumed into the material after its compressed. It's not just a bunch of stones epoxied together individually as this simply would not polish uniformly.

Azurite/Malachite Stabilized BrickAzurite/Malachite Stabilized Brick Eggs

This material is fairly new and is sold mostly as specimen pieces. It does not take a good polish. It is mostly a malachite impregnated sandstone. Some of the specimens have Blueberries naturally formed in it. These are a bit more rare.

Canyonlands Malachite with Blueberries

Canyonlands Malachite

Azurite/ Malachite drilled material

This is natural material that we separate out and drill in house. Most of it consists of nuggets, leaves, flats, and some Blueberries. This material we do not finish or polish in any way besides drilling it. For people that want to enhance the natural colors to make them more vibrant, we have found that the following produce very good results: spraying the stones with food grade silicone, sealing with tile grout sealer, oiling with mineral oil or tung oil, or waxing with a carnauba  based paste wax.

Azurite/malachite cabAzurite and malachite cab.

These are stones that we picked out from the natural cutting quality material and  cut and polished freeform. We let the stones guide our designs. These are not precision cabs. We really enjoy these as each stone has a chance to express its personality to the designer.

These custom pens are made in Moab Utah by Andy Pitas from our compressed Azurite and Malachite. With an accent stone of local red Dinosaur Bone. We have two variations of these pens: 

1. One is made with our Azurite Malachite 

2.The other is made with our Azurite Malachite with Bronze LacingAzurite Malachite Pens, Hand Made Writing Pens


These are stones from our mine that Amy Walker wraps in German Silver for us.

Azurite Rosette Wire wrap 2 Azurite/ Malachite Wire Wrap