The photos of the various products on this website are really only reference pictures, as no two stones are ever identical. At best we have categories of products that are similar in character and structure. Since we are actively mining for our stones, our products are constantly changing (some more than others). That is simply the nature of mining. That is part of what makes this whole process exciting. We never know exactly what a vein that we are chasing is going to open up into and what kind of material it will produce. This is the reason why we do not run an online store. The products that are listed on the website are usually available. We do our best to update our website with new products and news about our new finds. Our pricing is quite simply based on on how much it costs us to extract, clean up and package a particular product. Pricing, also, depends on the availability of the material, quality and size. For those that are interested in buying some of our products we recommend that you browse through the products we have listed and then contact us either by email or by phone to find out availability and pricing.