Our Azurite and Malachite stones are sent to Colbaugh Processing to compress and stabilize.
We have over the years tried different stabilizers and we found that Colbaugh has the best and most consistent quality.

This material is used to cut various products cabs, tile, eggs, spheres, knife handles etc. since most are stones naturally are to small for this and have imperfections.We have found that this material works well for anyone that wants multiple stones that look similar with a much lower cost than purely natural stones. This process also can have bronze added to it for a special and different look. It cuts and polishes well. This material is compromised of smaller azurite and malachite stones which are held together with some kind resin or epoxy that is vacuumed into the material after its compressed. It's not just a bunch of stones epoxied together individually as this simply would not polish uniformly.

Azurite/Malachite Stabilized BrickAzurite/Malachite Stabilized Brick Eggs