Mineral Collecting

Mineral Collection Options:

We now offer Private mineral collection on the mine site for a fee. This fee is $110.00 per person per hour and by advance appointment only With a minimum of 2 adults. Children under 8 years old are free with parent participation. Discounts are offered to organized tour groups that have an exclusive agreement with us to represent a specific region. We encourage people that would like to be a part of a mineral collecting tour to contact one of the tour organizers listed below.

Private collecting at the mine is normally available March 1st-November  weather permiting with the exception of September we shut down for maintance. We may not be able to do any trips. 

*The mine property is a private property and no entry or trespassing is permitted unless approved in advance in writing by William Harrison, the owner.
Trespassers may be arrested and prosecuted in accordance with Utah Law.

Tour Organizers that we are currently working with:

Deep Desert Expeditions:

in Moab, Utah

Deep Desert Expeditions 


Coyote Rv Park

Coyote RV park is only 5 Miles from the Mine with full hookups Please contact Hal Adams 1-385-286-0308

They have offered a 20% refund for collectors while here. This is exclusive for us. Please contact William on arrival and we will contact them for the refund to be provided.

Currently they have full hookups , Propaine refils and have plans to install showers and bathrooms in the near future.

We highly reccomend this RV park its very nice and only 5 miles away from the Mine property.